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Our GP Education Program is structured to meet specific GP needs. It is based on principles of interactive adult education and serves to reinforce GP knowledge and skills and is subject to a continual quality review process to ensure quality improvement and high standards of GP education. 

Below you will find information about upcoming sessions and a calendar of events for 2017:

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ECG Corner

Answers to the current quiz:

Question 1: 

C) Mobitz type II

For patients with 2:1 AV block in whom the distinction between Mobitz type I and Mobitz type II second degree AV block cannot be made using the surface ECG alone, a long rhythm strip should be obtained or a previous ECG examined to try to find evidence of constant PR intervals preceding a non-conducted P wave, as well as to identify non-conducted P waves in a pattern other than 2:1 (eg, 3:2, 4:3, etc) that would suggest Mobitz type I second degree AV block.

Additionally, carotid sinus massage may be performed, or atropine intravenous administered, to help distinguish the level of AV block. 

Question 2:

E) No further information is required

Questions 3:

C) Permanent Pacemaker. Class 1 indication 


Thank you to St Vincent's Health Cardiologist Dr Uwais Mohamed for information in our ECG Corner.